Dayjoy Ricochet Rouge


Red Silver Mackeral Tabby and White

(NFO ds 09 23)

Date of Birth: April 10th 2005





Alfie is a red silver mackerel tabby and white Norwegian Forest Cat who lives at the Belleneige cattery with Audrey.

He is a very large and powerful boy with heavy boning, excellent weight (over 10kg) and his muscles have to be felt to be believed! When you stroke him you can almost feel the grain of his muscle. He has a wonderful expression, excellent type, a beautiful loving temper and a huge personality. His coat quality and quantity is superb and his silver is very clean and white.

Alfie is a wonderful combination of size, type and temper. He has produced some stunning kittens with Audrey’s females and we are very excited to see what he will produce with Miss Boopy as they complement each other very well.


4 Months
8 Months