Karat’ Cats Boopy (French Import)

NFO n (Black, carries dilute)

Date of Birth: 18th June 2006

DAM: CHAMPION B* Titran’s Taïma

SIRE: B* Titran’s Taxido Prince

Boopy is dual registered with LOOF and FIFe



After what seemed like forever my beautiful Miss Boopy arrived home to the UK in May 2007.

Having seen the quality of the previous litters of kittens produced from Taïma and Taxido I had reserved a girl from this combination before the litter were born.

I have always dreamed of a solid black girl and here she is.  She is developing in a very promising way with a straight profile, excellent triangle, heavy bone structure, strong chin, lovely coat quality and quantity, high strong legs, excellent body length with a long bushy tail and of course those wonderful XL lynx tippings on her ears. 

Miss Boopy has a very strong character she has inherited from her mother Taïma. She’s very independent and if she doesn’t want to do something then she makes it clear to you! She is a playful girl and is always running around throwing toys about. A talkative young girl who loves to chat to you as she ‘helps’ you with whatever you are doing (her idea of helping isn’t always the same as mine!)

In 2007 Miss Boopy gave birth to her first litter of kittens and proved herself to be a devoted mother from day 1. We are so proud of her and her beautiful kittens.

I will always be eternally grateful to Sylvie and Jean-Michel for allowing me to have such a beautiful girl and for taking such good care of her whilst she waited for her passport. I can never thank you enough for this very precious girl.

Boopy’s parents and grandparents are all HCM Negative.


Photo taken on Miss Boopy’s first day in the UK (age 10months)


Photos taken during my visit to France in February 2007, Miss Boopy age 7 months

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