Updated: May 30th 2013
Photos taken age 22 days


We had five beautiful 5th Generation kittens born on May 8th 2013
All kittens had straight profiles and good chins at birth

The kittens are all very active and are toddling round the kitten pen squeaking away to each other and their individual personalities are becoming apparent.

We are very pleased with their development and size so far and provided they continue to develop like this we will allow kittens from this litter to go to show homes or be exported for breeding.

Please note colours, tabby patterns and sexes of kittens may change

The pedigree names of the litter are Snow Patrol songs :-)


Name: GB* Svartalfheim's Take Back The City
Sex: Male
Colour: Black silver tabby and white (with white tail tip)
EMS Code: NFO ns 03 21
Status: Available




Name: GB* Svartalfheim's Velocity Girl
Sex: Female
Colour: Black silver tortie tabby and white (with white tail tip)
EMS Code: NFO fs 03 21
Status: Available



Name: GB* Svartalfheim's Just Say Yes
Sex: Male
Colour: Black silver tabby and white
EMS Code: NFO ns 03 21
Status: Available



Name: GB* Svartalfheim's The Lightning Strike
Sex: Female
Colour: White (headspots will fade)
Status: Available



Name: GB* Svartalfheim's You Could Be Happy
Sex: Male
Colour: Black silver tabby and white (with white tail tip)
EMS Code: NFO ns 03 21
Status: Available



Kitten Status

Available-The kitten is looking for a new family to love

On Hold- The kitten has human interest but has not yet been visited/secured
with a deposit - enquiries still welcome

Reserved- A deposit has been paid on the kitten

Sold- The kitten has fully decided on their new family and is packing their
little suitcase ready to start their big adventure :-)

***Please Note: All deposits are non refundable***


Our kittens are lovingly raised in our family home and so by the time they leave for their new homes they will be used to everyday household noises, adults, children, babies and our other cats so they will be confident in their new homes.

They will be fully vaccinated (including leukaemia and chlamydia) using the Fevaxyn Pentofel vaccine, will be up to date on following a preventative treatment programme for endo and ecto parasites, will be fully litter trained, microchipped and registered with FIFe.

They will have been vet checked several times to ensure they are in excellent health and will be around 14 weeks old before they leave for their new homes.

All of our breeding cats have been DNA tested for GSD IV and all are negative which means all of our kittens will be negative too.

Kittens will go to their new homes with a signed pedigree, their vaccination certificate, a sheet showing what treatments for endo and ecto parasites they have had and when they had them, 4 weeks free insurance (UK only) and a kitten pack consisting of dry and wet foods they are used to, some toys and care and diet sheets.

New owners are required to sign a contract agreeing to the kittens future welfare. All pet/show kittens are contractually required to be neutered prior to the age of 6 months. Proof of neutering will be required. Registration paperwork for pet/show kittens will be witheld until proof of neutering is received.

We only allow kittens to go to indoor homes or to homes with a secure catproof garden or cat run. We do not allow our kittens to go to homes where they will be allowed to free roam unless it is a very rural location.

If at any time there is a change in circumstances requiring the kitten/cat to be rehomed we ask that it be
returned to us.

As the welfare of our kittens is our top priority we always reserve the right to refuse to sell a kitten to someone we feel is unsuitable to care for one of our kittens in the manner we expect.