GB* Svartalfheim's Starlight Express

NFO a 09( Blue and White)

Date of Birth: December 1st 2007

Pet Name: Star


Star stole my heart the very minute he was born. A more laid back cat I have yet to meet!

Star is a very large and muscular boy weighing in at over 5kg at just 5 months old, he really has to be seen to be believed.
He is developing wonderfully with a very long body, excellent heavy boning, high legs and a beautiful head. Judges at his
first show made comments such as "his boning is out of this world" and "if his triangle was 2mm longer he'd be perfect".
To say I was thrilled is an understatement!

Star's coat is a beautiful Beetlejuice dark blue that he has inherited from Boopy's side of the family and is of very good
quality for a dilute. His personality is a lovely combination of both of his parents and he's a very loving 'little man'.

Star will hopefully be out on the show bench a few times this year and we look
forward to seeing how our little superstar does in the future :-)

At his first show (5 months old)
4 Months Old and looking shocked!
Star and his 'pet' toddler... double trouble
13 Weeks
11 Weeks
4 Weeks
1 Week