GB* Svartalfheim's Sunrise Sunset

NFO fs 24 ( Black Silver Tortie Spotted Tabby)

Date of Birth: December 1st 2007

Pet Name: Minxy Moo


Minxy is a female of good size with heavy boning as well as a beautiful wild expression, a long body and tail, high on her legs, straight profile, good straight sidelines, and those all important lynx tippings (although I would have liked them to be thicker and longer). Her coat is of excellent quality and she shows that silver does not always mean a soft coat. Whilst NFCs are not judged for coat colour and pattern her coat is a very clean silver with no hint of tarnishing and an excellent clear spotted tabby pattern with random placed spots (not in vertical lines) and even has spots going down onto her paws.

In looks she reminds me very much of her father Alfie. She is a very haughty and determined young lady
like her mother Boopy and her grandmother Taïma. From both of her parents she has inherited a huge
personality, a talkative and very cuddly nature and an extra loud purr.

Just turned 2 years old

5 months old with a beautiful expression

At her first show (5 months old)

4 Months Old

14 Weeks Old
9 Weeks Old
4 Weeks Old
1 Week Old